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So today I posted an reply to someone who was moaning that their live Facebook feed was not posted on Facebook due to a copyright infringement on one track he played

It suddenly dawned on me as I typed my reply, of the many possible variants to this persons complaint and I’m not saying my final paragraph is true but it does flag up the possibility of the depth of egos in DJ’s and their true dis-respect for the music and the real creators who are the true people that need recognition.

Here is my reply he basically say in his post  “fu*king Facebook didn’t upload my live mixing set I made for all the peeps out there and it was live and over an hour set”

Here was my reply which evolved in real time as I wrote it …Please think about what I’m saying and you might see that the only loser every time is artist rather than the ego DJ…


Yeah it’s a complex situation…
Being an artist I don’t have a problem with people mixing in my music especially if they can give me a credit so others can buy the track.

but I do have a problem with places like Spotify who allow unlimited streaming of my music and only pay 0.0005 of a pence each time meaning people won’t ever buy my tracks as they can get them on tap from Spotify and i will never make any money for them as I would need to have streamed over 10,000 plays to make it pay anything worth while.


Facebook are in-between this if only they could post up the track list as the music was playing it might benefit the artist so people could ~ID the tracks out and actually buy them.

I’m not even going to get into the DJ’s playing stolen music they never even bought using dodgy free download sites of free music sites rather than actually supporting the creator who is allowing them to promote their ego, because those types are scum and self centred dick wads who need to be deleted from all self promoting sites as they add nothing to the scene they are just ego fistic self centred leaches….lol ? OMG epiphany …..me thinks lol

(thinking on my feet made me see the whole picture hope you can too)

Please don’t steal my music I need to get paid to keep making the stuff that makes you DJ’s the super stars you crave to be.

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