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Year: 2012

Closer but I still have to finish this alone

Closer but I still have to finish this alone At last (I may have said this many time before but.) I am almost finished!I have almost completed this long journey at lest I know I am now on top of it with the first iTunesLP vol.1 Anthems actually co…

update .. almost ready (again)

I felt it was time I write an update blog just for the record.At last everything is in its final stages I can’t believe it’s been almost 8 lonely years from inception to completion and still I am tweaking it over and over. I used to laugh at how e…

Going mobile?

Going mobile?.. If you have read my ranting’s then you will know that I am a gadget geek and I love Apple products. You might automatically assume that I have all the latest Apple gadgets and gizmos and I do have a few, especially when it comes to…