Almost had enough with Apple

Office dictator.

With the deletion of the very capable and easy to user Apple Airport line of routers and the amazing built in time machine built into it, it’s become very clear to me that Apple is only interested in making as much money as possible (counting beans is not creative or helping creatives).

This might seem like a ‘so what’ statement to many, but to me its a realisation as to who Apple is today and I no longer like who they are becoming.

I think also millions of other original geeky Apple heads feel the same, but are trying to avoid the realities of accepting it.
Cardboard business practises to maximise profits used to be what Microsoft was known for and if Apple continues to act like this, it will eventually be their down fall.

Apple no longer have any regard for the bigger needs of the users.

Soon all their eggs will be in iPhone and iPad, while Samdung and all the other iPhone copycats clearly seem to have caught up; it’s going to take just one release by a competitor to spell disaster for Apples iPhone sales.

Having discarded almost everything else that was great about Apple, and ignoring what could have been great software to languish archaic (Siri). It seem Apple is hell bent on getting rid of anything that might help glued users to Apples echo system.

I see a fall coming.

Apple are hedging their bets on subscriptions to keep people in their bubble.

All of Apples computers are running on very old chips the OLDEST Mac Profesional is still the new Mac Pro yet It’s over 4 years old!
“Oh? They say next year maybe, Thanks. A question rumbles in me ,

“is it when your chewing gum you can do the Mac Pro, Do you really have to stop walking to work on it?”

Apple has become inept in understanding the bigger picture of user’s needs; Yes, the company is great at making the iPhone and software (when they eventually fix the ‘It just (doesn’t) work’) bugs, but we have to be realistic, this is a company riding the wave of the past. 

I love many things about the head of Apple and his many stances but he seems interested predominantly on how much money the company can make, which is a bad long term view for a company that is loved for their creativity and quality, that used to make life easier for the users with stuff that ‘Just worked’.

What’s left apart from iPhone to make my life easier? It’s all being dumped and for what? Apple subscription services?

Short sited consolidation is not clever, as subscriptions will eventually become something people want to leave, due to the constant billing and on-going costs.
When a better iPhone ‘Copycat’ comes out, people will look at all the on-going subscriptions with Apple and the poor-quality control on software releases and the out-dated laptop processors with no roadmap for updates.

Soon people (me as one of them) will realise you can get most things without subscriptions or an iPhone, even if the new iPhone does have the latest emoji on it; because that seems to be Apple’s best-selling upgrades now days.

Oh, security is keeping me in, ok (it is) but why should it be like this? I’m waiting to leave and I used to be a corner stone of Apple religion.

Apple is being run as a short sighted corporate bean counting business model (profit/profit/profit).

As much as I have championed Apple over countless years, I now have nothing but contempt for their personal inept lazy egos.

Apple has been milking Steve’s 5 Year plan to the max, maximising profits, selling very outdated computers and why? because; As costs to manufacture them shrinks, the profits for Apple just get bigger, the computers get older but are still marketed as the newest machines. We are being played as fools!

Apple are deleting products that people love and want updated,

To someone with no knowledge of Apple; they might actually think the company was in trouble and needed to cut their product lines to stay afloat. Every Apple product deleted is another tie with the consumer cut.

Yes, they are making more money than any other company on planet earth, but to the consumer they look like a one trick pony that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time! No strike that ,
They are becoming a one trick pony that only seems to want to walk and do not much else, gum must not cool enough anymore.

Apple used to be about great things that helped people to also do great things using their products, but now it’s only about childish emoji’s and how much money they can squeeze out of the ‘silly dumb consumers’ who are being milked.

Subscriptions will eventually fail and so will the iPhone, it’s inevitable as all I see is progress elsewhere but with other companies like Amazon and Google,

Siri is a joke, as is the speaker thing; I can’t even remember the name of, due to its lack lustre features compared to the headliners in that category?

All Apple can do is attempted to refine what they have and milk the profit margins, deliver buggy updates and take for ever to refresh products that don’t end with the word ‘phone’

The realisation that Apple are no longer the company I loved is dawning on me.

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