Apple’s silence on the Mac Pro (A Geeks insight)


Apple’s silence on the Mac Pro (A Geeks insight)

There seems to be so much negative chatter on the Mac forums about the lack of Mac Pro updates; of which I myself must say I agree with a lot of it.

The mac Pro is over 3 years old having never been upgraded in any kind of substantial way, it seems obvious to anyone why power users are complaining and feeling ignored.

The ‘Trash can’ design is such that it cannot truly be upgraded how a power users would like and as such dictates an Apple regular refresh; which they have not done.

Being a power user myself I am totally frustrated with the lack of a useful Mac Pro to help me push the boundaries of my own work and I feel like I’m now being stifled by my investment in Apple and their lack of interest in keeping the Mac Pro at the cutting edge.

There is a genuine argument in defence of Apple to their inability to do a decent update which I will cover further down but first the real problems start at Apple.

Apples choice of a dustbin design for the Mac Pro just made things worse for power users unable to do any type of reasonable upgrade themselves without making their desk top resemble the spaghetti monster. It’s a design of over function disaster.

Had Apple designed an upgradable chassis the problems and negative chatter from power users would have been much less as the smaller incremental upgrades would have been easier for apple to implement and also something power users could have done themselves. The closed design on the cylindrical trash can Mac Pro stopped that possibility in its tracks and Apple coupled with Apple being silent on any possible future upgrade leads to why we have so much negativity towards Apple from its power users today.

This niche group of Mac Pro users can be a very vocal, and powerful group. Made up of designer’s, programmers, higher thinkers and geeky apple fans, these people are the true key players in music, video, tv, creativity, science and anything ground breaking, they are very powerful when they come together to support or dismiss a company.

Apple seems to have chosen to ignore the cry from Pros possibly in part due to the difficulty in the trash cans upgrade due to its design.

Apple on the other hand has instead put much of their time and efforts into tv, sports people and rappers, fashion promoters, the rich in money but no true depth types that don’t truly understand the meaning of creativity but are just the outlet for it  (my personal view only) .

It’s sad Apple have chosen the path of flash cash and shallow thinking celebs as the ‘Think different’ campaign seems now like it came from a totally different company all together.

Einstein is no longer hip compared to Kim Kardashian (for Apple at least).

These are strategic choices Apple has made but still the flaky PR of celebrities only works if the core of a company is sound otherwise the fake PR bubble will eventually pop into a puff of smoke like all these fashion types do. Where will the Einstein’s be then? on windows machines?

These are serious issues Apple needs to redress before it loses perspective of what really matters.

If Apple wants to change the world; I just don’t see how Kim Kardashian changing her dress is that definition nor is it comparable to the thinkers who ‘Think different’.

So, this is my take on current issues Apple won’t tell us about, Apple’s design of the dustbin was a wrong move and was exasperated by the fact that intel has not designed a power users chip worth upgrading to as Intel instead chose to focus on making their chips smaller and lower powered for Apples laptops rather than faster and power hungry for the Power users.

Intel could do this because they had no competition to force them to innovate any faster.

AMD dropped the ball a while ago and since then intel has been happy to shrink the chip and not much else.

This combination of events of no real upgradable chip and Apple’s closed trash can design leaves Pro users stifled.

Using intel’s road map Apple will have to wait for coffee lake processors before anything real can be seen in improvements and that’s not until 2018 so things with intel and the Mac Pro are looking very poor.

But wait the story is not finished.

Sometime in January 2017 AMD will be revealing its new 8 core processors called the Ryzen This might be the chip the world has been waiting for as it’s a standard 8 core chip that’s going to blow all intel chips out of the park (hopefully).

I’m hoping that Apple might decide to either move back to AMD for the power users if the AMD is seriously a Mores law breaking design as right now the reality of a Mac Pro update using intel seems like waiting for a bus that’s already been cancelled.

The good thing is with AMD back in the fray Intel will need to up its game.

To be continued…

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