iPad Pro…woop woop


When bigger makes everything smaller

Next year Apple will release a bigger iPad Pro with a 12” or possibly 15” footprint?
I for one cannot wait, as this screens real estate is going to make my portable studio into a seriously small and mobile package.

Technology has got so good that I am now able to pack a desktop Mac Pro into a laptop in the shape of my 15” MacBook pro Retina. I have everything and more in this little bundle and the only thing now that’s cramping my workflow is screen real estate. Even with a Retina display some things are too big and I need another screen but there is nothing out there that’s big enough and yet still portable as the tablets seem token in size for my needs and having a big monitor makes me stuck to a desk again.

Things are going to change

The wish list for me is this new iPad Pro with is bigger screen and thinner than thin design. I’m hoping it’s a simple no wires, sync to logic X and It will provide me with two screen to extend my creative and mobile setup.

Personally, this will be one of the best new additions to the Mac family as the only real issues in time management I have is the time it’s taking me to constantly move thing around on my laptop monitor, when I really want it all up and running so I can just continue to be creative.

I can already in visage a future detachable screen from the laptop bass so that two screens can be attached centrally to the keyboard.
This will be an awesome Pro set mobile set up. Come on Apple get to work my dreams wait.