It’s time for the Mac Pro to take the lead again.


I love everything I own by Apple and that’s almost everything.

I’m running a MacBook Pro late 2013 15″ i7 Retina 16gb ram 1TB SSD (top of the range when released) it matches my top spec iMac on my desk they are pretty much the same machine in different form factors and both would compete with the basic mac pro (dustbin) quad core and that’s the problem.

There was a time when the tower was always way ahead of the laptop.

The fact Apple can make such a small Laptop and iMac compare with the basic Mac pro workstation is an achievement but we are at the limits now on MacBook’s and iMacs and the Mac Pro could easily surpass those limits and that’s the issue that’s making me and many other Apple geeks angry.

Apple allowed me to have power of the basic Mac Pro in a mobile laptop (I’m thankful) it feels like that was their goal but they seem to not be looking to push the potential of computing any further just refine their hardware and software in iMac’s and laptops.

With a laptop Apple are at the cutting edge in refinement and power available from intel chips at this time but with a Mac Pro there is so much more to open up (via expandability) but Apple seem to act like the iMac and MacBook pro will do all that we need.

Apple remind me of BMW in that they refine refine and refine their cars so perfectly that if you don’t fit in the seat (which is like a custom cockpit) then you best get a different car.

Everything Apple seems to be doing with each release is minor refinement now days which for the laptops has been awesome, but now I look at the new MacBook pro and for the money and tiny speed bump, I don’t see any need to upgrade. the function keys thing is not enough to warrant the price hike.

My late 2013 is to me still hitting the ceiling and I need more power! This new MacBook Pro doesn’t offer enough for the price hike.

This is the trick Apple is missing.

To get more money from me I need to see more than refinement and yet that’s all I see (due to the laptops restrictions). Refinement is fine when you’re at the limits of a laptops ability but Apple is missing a massive second computer purchase for hardcore users by not introducing a seriously more expandable MacPro tower, faster ram, bigger faster SSD, better expansion capabilities, less wires (something we can over time upgrade)

Soldered parts on board is killing the upgrade cycle as the price is too high for a fixed unit so we make do with older machines and wait for something with more value to incrementally upgrade when we need to. Sales drop as we hold on for a further increment and Apple inter thinks the computer market is dying. Apple are so focused on precision and refinement that they can not see its strangling and stagnating their computer sales channel.

The Mac Pro offers more multi-threading but without the ability to expand it with different options over time you are hemming our creativity. The limit of 4 cores on the laptop and iMac has them at their peak.

It’s time for the Mac Pro to take the lead again.

Hardcore users buy laptops and towers so until there is a serious upgrade on the laptop (this is not one to me) you could offer more oomph in a new killer Mac Pro tower a still get my money.

I would buy a Mac pro to replace my iMac if it offered real world improvements and upgradability.

I passed on the first Gen Mac pro because I bought into the Apple ethos about the iMac being capable and it has been; but we are at the limits now with iMac and MacBook pro.

Only the MacPro can go further and if Apple make it I will buy it and so will other creatives and hardcore users

It’s time to get your core supporter back on side and sing your praises once more as all I read about now is disillusions power users and they are your champions the millennials who just buy iPhones don’t have the deep vested interest and love for what made Apple great and they will drop you like a stone if all your geeky fans start talking up and moving to (UGH can say their name) power users are the foundations of Apple, the voice of Apple and the secret sales team of Apple and we are disillusioned with Apple even though their new products are still great they are just not what we are waiting for and what we know is possible.