Sonic Experience – DeF Til Dawn.


Sonic Experience – Def Till Dawn – DOWNLOAD ALBUM

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Sonic Experience – Def Till Dawn – DOWNLOAD ALBUM

By our reckoning this was the first ever Artist Rave album. It was made at the very beginning of the Rave scene by Mark Ruff Ryder and Steve Johnson who were both at the beginning of their adventures . Its also a defining moment in time, capturing the real vibe and recordings of some of the many experiences that were happening in the birthing rave scene, where the police were trying to shut down raves in fiels and the sound inside a rave when the speakers and the ravers were all screaming with joy.

Take a trip into this 100% true time capsule of music and be part of the real sound and scene where the ravers would dance in the fields until the sun would rise the next day it was always def until Dawn!


Compressed MP3 Files. 10 track final digital release album

This Album conforms to official ‘Mastered for iTunes’ standards so that it will sound great on your music player and ear buds.
1 Intro (Have Your Rave)

2 No More Music By The Suckers

3 Mark & Steve (In The Studio)

4 Can’t Get Enough

5 Mr Big & The Acid House Mania

6 Psychophobia

7 All We Wanna Do Is Dance

8 Rock Hardcore

9 What’s The Power Output

10 Protein (Remix)

11 Blow Your Whistles For The D.J.

12 Got To Let You Know

13 Intro Chief Inspector

14 Everybody Get Crazy

15 Summer Of Love

16 High Court Injunction

17 Musics Gonna Rule The World

18 Police Have Stopped It

19 I’m Rushin

20 Make Some Noise For Sonic Experience

21 Acid Is The Future

22 Driving Home After The P.A.

Mark Ruff Ryder Presents:
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Strictly Underground
Mark Ruff Ryder Presents:
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Sonic Experience - Def Til Dawn
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