The Master Of The Universe – Crying

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The Master Of The Universe – Crying – DOWNLOAD ALBUM

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The Master Of The Universe – Crying – DOWNLOAD ALBUM

The Master of The Universe has always been a quality musical adventure for Mark Ruff Ryder and this Album soon to be released will cement The quality of musical quality that mark is able to create when he is not pounding out dance anthems.

Its a deep album full of inspiration and also meaning . Its about more than the dance floor as it covers many global issues in a dance style pushing the questions that need to be addressed while taking you on a lunch musical journey that is uncompromising in its journey to tackle some of the burning issues we face on this tiny planet.


Compressed MP3 Files.

10 track final digital release album

This Album conforms to official ‘Mastered for iTunes’ standards so that it will sound great on your music player and ear buds.

1 Pointless
2. Imagine (John Lennon Dissected)
3. It’s OK
4. Pacific State
5  Fukishima
6  A matter of Time
7. I’ll Be There
8. why?
9. Bring more love
10. One world
11. Mission to Mars
12. 13_ LGBT
14. Bestfriend (Circle of life)
15. See you someday
16. All you need is Love
17. Find your way home
18 Find your way home reprise

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