The real problem with Apple Music and the Dubset Deal.


It seems that everyone wants a share of the pie from musicians and in the race to get their cut the biggest issues have again been forgotten by all including Apple.

Apple can now play unofficial remixes of music originally created an artist but made in a new way by a third party. Dj’s love to make mixes and sometimes remix tracks but they are not always supported by the artist who is the creator of the original.

The artist should have the right to ok illegal creations that might have a global access. ok if a bedroom DJ wants to do something and share it with his mates then so be it in that small world but this new deal with a company called Dubset claims it can work out which songs are original works and thus allow Apple to play them because they can work out who to pay what from the music.

On the face of it this might sound like a solution to paying rights holders and the musicians but it detaches the musician once again from their creative original work and how to reserve their rights in their work.

musicians want to sell their albums and songs streaming is a red herring that benefits only the company collecting the monthly fees. The amount of money paid to the artist is so small its pointless.

There is one one reason companies like Dubset want to do this working out of what music is used in a mix and that is so they can skim a cut of the royalty that might exist and artist have to trust this company on who should be paid and who should not.

No i make underground dance music and there are millions of DJ’s mixing underground dance tracks and I’m confident a company like Dubset will have no idea what the track are when it comes to hard to find underground dance music that might not even be released but being played in a mix from a promo sent to a DJ.

I don’t see any permission from the artists in all this? They might not like their music bastardised into a mix no matter how many plays it might get on a streaming website which all pay micro shaving of a cent in royalties.

There is a fix and its always been then and this is my biggest gripe about all the streaming services.

Support sales of the artist music

Non of the streaming service offer instant ways to buy artists music that they are playing and this is only true support of value for musicians to get payed properly.

Steaming is not helpful for artist to sell music because it become an all you can eat for a monthly fee meaning the users have no reason to buy music anymore as they can stream it when ever they like and there is no incentive to purchase , not limit on the amount of stemming of any track before having to buy it.

To me streaming companies and the people like Dubset are freeloaders, clambering onto the artists income and creaming without truly speaking to artist about what’s best for them they aren not helping artists to easily sell their music by providing links to buy when they play the music.

My self as an artist, I think all the free streaming is about money for the companies involved and not for the artists doing the music its a ruse and big lie, the tech is there to aid artist in selling the music but the don’t need to do it because they have all they need in their small royalty driven model.

Yes Apple claim to be trying to get royalties to artist but the reality is the whole streaming model is unhelpful to selling music which is the real way artist can survive.

Streaming is a parasite set up so music streaming companies rent out the music in a monthly fees that go’s into their pockets while paying fractions of a cent per play and not helping the listener to truly connect to the whole artist album by making it easy to instantly buy the music when it matters (while its being played)

Streaming has nothing to do with helping the artist generate an true sustainable audience and income for their creations.

The artist is like an animal in the field standing there while all the music streaming companies and rights collection agency are the flies buzzing around picking morsels off and irritating the animal, not benefiting the animal in any momentous way the flies are only truly interested in the food they can pick off.

Yes Apple music is doing this too and I love Apple, but their rhetoric about ‘The artist must be paid’ rings hollow when it comes to streaming. Apple could easily help in the right way with instant buy buttons but they are just playing with all the other flies making no real difference so all flies are flies.

Apple needs to make a difference in a meaning full way because artists never asked for the flies in the first place artist make their money from sales not flies picking at them and paying a pittance for streaming music.

If Apple and Spotify and any streaming companies truly wanted to support artist they would have a link and the name of the artist on every song played actually visible so that at that time the music was playing a user could click the link and instantly buy and own that track.

I envisioned that one day this would happen for radio but alas looking at all the music streamers its clear they don’t give a sh*t about selling the music they are playing for the artists benefit .

All they want is the monthly subscriptions and the market share and to be able to stream what ever they want at the lowest payment rate possible. Technology is in place to put a buy button up to the user when the music is being played but no, its not happened and why not?

I’m scare that this deal with Dubset is going to really end any chance of musicians selling their music because unless the tracks in a mix are clearly defined and visible to the listener with the ability to buy them (if they are for sale) all I see is another white wash for the artist and more skimming from the likes of the flies who only want the monthly fees and any morsels they can grab from the artist before they are paid what ever is left.

Apple should, if they proceed on this path make every track in the mix visible to the public with the ability for them to buy it instantly. Also the artist should know about any mix done without their consent to authorise it otherwise the system is still theft.

If you buy a television i can not just come round your house and pay you 1 cent to watch something its your television and you control how its used.

This is just another way to circumvent the artists and pay them nothing worth talking about. Things have got to change because this deal looks like a shit deal for Artist and a ruse that paying less then a cent for an unauthorised mix is a way to allow streaming companies to do what ever they want with music they don’t actually own.

Note to Apple . If you truly support artist then why have you not built into your music radio the ability to instantly show the track name while its playing with a link to iTunes to instantly purchase?

The amount of revenue for Apple and the Artist would be whats allows artist to survive and grown even but streaming is never going to pay the bills.

The artists really need sales to be restored and prioritised into the music streaming. Anything else is a sham for the artists.

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