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Hi, I am Mark Ryder, a very confused and uniquely complex Individual. Music is my life and has aways been so having been involved in the UK Underground dance music scene since the beginning of acid house music when I was still at school. Music was my only escape from the made world Then and still is now. I suffer from depression and have always focused on music and the places It takes us to escape the reality of this world. (did I say I was deep?).

I make musical journeys in the form of albums. I don’t like the way the Industry has stripped everything away from the magic an album brings which is why I choose not to break up my albums into out of context songs. Buying an Artist Album is about taking a magical journey with the artist. This is something I am passionate about as music is about escaping your daily worries and problems.

I am a champion of the sounds and styles of the UK Underground Dance Music scene and my albums are the true sounds of the uk Underground. Some of my music crosses over into the commercial world but I don’t go with them because that’s not the world I want to live in. 

Come take a journey with me into a world of baselines and great vibes it can only be done as an album journey and if you allow yourself to get lost in the music then you will find me in there dancing with you.


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